VanRock is a vertically integrated company that allows it to unlock hidden value, savings, and performance gains in its client’s and investor’s real estate assets. Ranging from land entitlements to property management, VanRock will be able to assist in any and all needs that may arise through the development, ownership or management of our Partner’s assets.

services Provided

Property Management & Consulting

Incorporating years of experience in a wide variety of services, VanRock provides the best in class commercial property management. VanRock focuses on both maintaining and creating value in the real property consistent with our Client’s objectives, particularly emphasizing asset preservation and value enhancement.

These objectives are achieved through rigorous physical inspections, creating and maintaining harmonious owner/tenant relations, developing careful financial budgeting, lease administrations, expense control and overseeing a balanced risk management plan. Overall our clients can expect prudent planning, real estate expertise, professional ethics and strong negotiating skills.

Land Entitlement & Development

With years of experience in land entitlement and commercial development, VanRock Properties specializes in all aspects of obtaining Land Entitlements. Our services include zoning, rezoning and zoning variances, use permits, governmental relations, public hearings, document preparation, issue management and stakeholder outreach and negotiations.

During the planning and design phase of each project we build relationships with the local figureheads, surrounding residents and local businesses to create a substantive dialogue between the development team and the community. These relationships create a structure to mitigate potential conflicts and fully integrate the project into the fabric of the community.